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Why We Built WhatsInStock

Shopping can be a frustrating experience when items you need are out of stock. That’s especially true during times of high demand or shortages.

WhatsInStock is a tool for neighbors to help each other shop confidently and efficiently anytime.

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Q: Where can I use WhatsInStock?

A: The app is currently available in the United States only. You can use it anywhere in the US where there are grocery stores nearby.

Q: How do you know what’s in stock?

A: We rely on reports from users to know what's in stock. If you're the first person in your area to use WhatsInStock, we won't have any availability information for the stores near you. If you do go shopping, please consider reporting what's available!

Q: The app doesn’t have any availability information in my area, why is that?

A: We get our information on what's in stock from other users' reports. If there aren't many users yet in your area, we may not have received any reports.

Q: I don’t see the store where I normally shop. Where is it?

A: Currently the app only surfaces a set list of stores for any given location. We will be adding the ability to search for new stores soon!

Q: What is “crowdsourcing”?

A: Crowdsourcing refers to using user-generated data to power an app. We rely on your reports of availability information to keep others informed.

Q: How can I add a store?

A: We will be adding the ability to search for a new store and add it to your list soon!

Have everything you need?

Help out by reporting availability for grocery stores in your area.

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